Reliable Mobile Crane Parts

With an appearance that is more like a truck than a crane, this machinery has an extending arm ending in a hook which is held up by long wire rope. A mounted hydraulic motor or the vehicle’s own engine can be used to operate the ropes. This style of crane is often branded as a rugged machine and one of the advantages of this vehicle is versatility as it is able to travel on highways and roads. This is a substantial advantage when you consider other designs such as crawler cranes which require special tracks to operate on.

Mobile cranes go to show that size isn’t everything when it comes to functionality. Although they are significantly smaller than other crane designs, these machines punch well above their weight lifting heavy objects such as equipment in factories, piling for beachfront houses, and bridge beams on roadside worksites. An additional advantage of these designs is their minimal setup time and the comparatively small space they require to stabilize.

Three types of vehicle

Broadly speaking, hydraulic truck mounted cranes, all terrain cranes, and rough terrain cranes are the types of mobile crane which are available on the commercial market.

The most common type is the hydraulic truck mounted crane which has both a carrier and a superstructure section. The sections are connected using a swing bearing which enables the carrier to swing from one side to another. This type of machinery is operated through the use of hydraulics.

As the name suggests, the all-terrain cranes are suitable for use on a wide range of ground surfaces. They are able to run on roads and unsealed surfaces. Designed to lift loads of up to 1,200 tonnes, these machines range from 2 to 8 axles.

Unsurprisingly, rough terrain models are designed for unsealed ground surfaces. The rubber wheels combined 4 wheel drive and steering make it easy for this vehicle to handle all sorts of rough, uneven, and narrow terrain. Outriggers are used here for hoisting and stabilization purposes.

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