Parts for the Versatile Crawler Crane

Crawler Crane

Insiders in the construction industry view the crawler crane as a gem, as it is a trustworthy machine capable of handling precise uploads and heavy weights.

The crawler crane evokes images of illustrious achievements including the Millennium Dome, Olympic Stadium and Stafford theatre among others.

Set on moving tracks, the crawler crane is able to manoeuvre substantial loads of up to 3,500 tonnes. Thanks to its design, it is able to move huge objects or resources across the site fast.

Compared to traditional designs, crawler cranes are able to reach higher levels and are used to handle most of the heavy moving in the construction industry. Not only are the loads they can accommodate impressive, the precision by which it holds weights into the sky and the moves of weights down are also accurate.

The use of crawler cranes also cut down on a lot of setup time as they require little time to take apart and put together. Crawler cranes can be modified by adding on parts, it is versatile and you can customise it according to your needs.

Indeed it remains as one of the most used and recognised cranes in the market today and is relied upon by the construction industry to do many jobs. Shinko Crane Pte Ltd is proud to offer a range of crawler crane parts to clients in Singapore and the surrounding region. When purchasing from us, you can expect high quality products which comply with all of the relevant safety and operational standards. Much like the crane itself, the parts we supply are reliable, durable, and long lasting. To learn more about the range of parts we have on offer, simply get in touch with us by calling (65) 62913822 or using the online enquiry form.


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